Benefits of Study

  • Relive Tension
  • Restore proper circulation
  • Clear mind & flexible body
  • Connect Philosophy & Action
  • Self-Cultivation
  • Skill based martial arts
  • Taoist, Internal training
  • Connect mediation with daily life
  • Realistic Self-Defense

Follow Nature, Overcome Fear

Grand-Master Lin Chih-Young (David Lin) is the only remaining Grand-Master of the complete Taoist Martial Arts tradition. Practice of Taoist Martial Arts was kept hidden throughout its 4,000 year history. In 1948, Traditional and Taoist Chinese Martial Arts were banned in Mainland China so they migrated to Taiwan. This system was thereby driven even further underground.

Taoist Martial Arts is a rare, closed tradition which uses natural energy and movement as the foundation for effective, non-violent self-defense. Taoist Martial Arts is a truly skill based system which teaches you how to overcome the biological tendency to become tense so your energy and reactions flow easily and powerfully in the moment. Taoist theory connects major systems of Chinese Martial Arts: Shuai-Chiao, Kung-Fu, Tung-Pei, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Tai-Chi, and Wu-Tang Sword

Taoist Martial Arts uses Nature’s energy; there is no struggling, no fighting, and no wanting. It is one of the highest form of martial arts and was practiced by both Taoist Martial Artists and Elite Bodyguard Companies.