Benefits of Study

  • Relive Tension
  • Restore proper circulation
  • Clear mind & flexible body
  • Connect Philosophy & Action
  • Self-Cultivation
  • Skill based martial arts
  • Taoist, Internal training
  • Connect mediation with daily life
  • Realistic Self-Defense

Classical QiQong

Don't increase muscle one inch; make tendon one-tenth longer

Designed for Students of Chinese Medicine & Other Healing Arts

Natural Chinese Martial Arts is based on key aspects of Chinese philosophy, strategy, and self-defense (both internal and external). It uses systematic training to reveal the way in which the highest aspects of each discipline blend with natural body movements. The goal of this training is to overcome the desire to struggle and to learn how to defend yourself using natural energy. Consistent practice develops good health, a relaxed mind, and true confidence. Natural Chinese Martial Arts provides a powerful method of self- cultivation through its unique combination of philosophy and application.

To develop a high level of medical skill, a practitioner must cultivate both body and mind. Authentic Chinese Martial Arts can vastly improve diagnostic and treatment skill by increasing circulation, stability, and sensitivity. True Chinese Martial Arts teaches how to follow the Tao by overcoming the natural desire to struggle and want.

Grand-Master Lin Chih-Young (David Lin ) has been taught by some of the best known martial artists of the last 100 years. The chi-kung sets are of the highest quality and taught in great detail. They will not only give you more strength to treat your patients, but also important information to share with them to aid in healing.

Sink Chi to Dan-Tien; Keep Mind in Dan-Tien

I Chin-Ching (1,600 years old)

This exercise was developed by the Buddhist monk Da Mo to help improve the ability of other monks to meditate. This set will help you understand the configuration of your body and remove mental and physical blocks that prevent clear thinking and that allows disease to set in. It provides its practitioners with a clear route for strengthening their whole being.

Wu Chin Hsi (2,100 years old)

This exercise was created 2,100 years ago by the famous doctor Hua Tuo. Its goal is to provide doctors with a method for smoothly circulating their chi and establishing grace and strength in all movements. It follows the ideas of the ancient martial art Tung-pei and uses the movements of the Bird, Bear, Deer, Tiger, and Ape to help explain the principles of proper internal and external movement.

Daoist Chi-Kung & Nei-Kung Overview (3,000 years old)

Master Lin was fortunate to learn the foundation training sets of many of the last century┬╣s beat martial artists. He has refined and connected the best aspects of all of his teachers into a half-hour routine which can strengthen the entire body and improve all the circulations (blood, chi, lymphatic). This series also acts as the basis for the study of advanced internal martial arts study.

Health & Longevity

Classical training to develop the highest level skills in Chinese Martial Arts is provided by a true master. Train in the traditional manner. Learn the key theories of all systems.

Advanced Training

Master Lin offers advanced courses to serious students. These include Pa-Kua, Hsing-I, Wu-Tang Sword, Tung-Pei, and Sun Tai-Chi.