Benefits of Study

  • Relive Tension
  • Restore proper circulation
  • Clear mind & flexible body
  • Connect Philosophy & Action
  • Self-Cultivation
  • Skill based martial arts
  • Taoist, Internal training
  • Connect mediation with daily life
  • Realistic Self-Defense

Unique Lineage & History

The lineage of this school includes the best and most important Chinese Martial Artists of the last century. Please review the lineage sheet for a description of each teacher. Master Lin Chih-Young (David Lin), through a combination of both great luck and great effort became the assistant to many of the most respected teachers of the last generation.

Master Lin's teachers moved to Taiwan, after 1948, taking with them an important branch of Authentic Chinese Martial Arts. Each of these masters was involved in either the military or bodyguard service. Each one is recognized, without dispute, as having achieved the highest level of martial ability. Master Lin has carefully condensed and refined the core theories of his teachers' systems into the School of Natural Chinese Martial Arts. Each system is a branch of Taoist Martial Artists and represents the highest level of skill. The School of Natural Chinese Martial Arts in the only place in the US to learn the complete tradition which includes foundation training, philosophy, weapons, and internal and external self-defense.

Inner Meaning & Advanced Skill

The Chinese character "Wu" (Defense) means "Stop Fighting." There is no struggling or fighting in true Chinese Martial Arts. Authentic self-defense demands great sensitivity and skill. Taoist Martial Arts use Nature's energy; there is no need for fighting. It is one of the highest forms of martial arts and was practiced by both Taoist Martial Artists and Elite bodyguard companies. It is a key that unlocks the effectiveness of many other systems. Although the ability to defend oneself without fighting is a very high level skill, this ability is very much within reach through proper training.

Grand-master Lin Chih-Young (David Lin)

Master Lin has over 65 years of experience studying and teaching Chinese Martial Arts. He is the only remaining master of the complete Taoist Martial Arts tradition. He is also a respected historian of Chinese culture and can provide a clear explanation of the development of Chinese Martial Arts including philosophy and strategy. Taoist Theory connects Shuai-Chiao, Kung-Fu, Tung-Pei, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Tai-Chi, and Wu-Tang Sword. Master Lin's depth of knowledge clarifies the inner meaning of the Chinese Martial Arts and can reveal the connections between all internal systems so the highest level skill can be achieved.

Method of Study

Taoist Martial Arts progress clearly and intelligently from beginning skills to advanced abilities. The School of Natural Chinese Martial Arts offers complete training in the chief systems of Traditional and Taoist Martial Arts. Learning the fundamentals one system usually takes 2 years. Once one system is finished the others are much easier to learn.

The great grandmasters and their teachers

CHANG TUNG-SHENG (Butterfly - The Shuai-Chiao King) Chief Systems: Shuai-Chiao, Kuai-Chiao, Tung-Pei, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua Chief Teachers: Ping Chin-I & Chan Feng Yan Traditional Shuai-Chiao & Pao-Ting Kuai-Chiao; Li Chin-Lin (Saint Sword) Wu-Tang Sword & Tai-Chi

CHANG TUN-HSI: (The Fastest Chin-Na & Grappling) Chief Systems: Chi-Men Tung-Pei, Tung Pei Tai-Chi, Tien Hsuam (Dim-Mak), Tung-Pei Praying Mantis, Taoist Chi-Kung, and Nei-Kung. Chief Teachers: Chang-Tze (The Saint Arm) Tung-Pei & Tung-Pei Tai-Chi

FAN CHIH-HSIAO: (Shantung Famous Bodyguard - #1 Sword Teacher in Taiwan) Chief Systems: Long Fist, Pa-Chi, Huang-Chen, Cha-Chuan, Shuai-Chiao, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, Chin-Na Chief Teachers: Chiang Jung-Chiao Hsing-I &Pa-Kua; Ping-Ching-I, Ma-Laing Shuai-Chiao

FU SHU-YUN: (The Number 1 Woman Internal Martial Artist in China) Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua; Pa-Kua Tai-Chi, Long-Fist, Cha-Chuan, Pa-Chi Chief Teachers:Yang Chen-Fu Yang Tai-Chi; Sun Lu-Tang Tai-Chi, Hsing-I,& Pa-Kua; Wu Chun-Shan Pa-Kua Tai-Chi; Huang Pei-Lien Hsing-I, Pa-Kua

HO SHUN-TING: (Head Instructor of Taiwan Kuosho Federation) Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua Chief Teachers: Sun Lu-Tang & Cheng Huai-Hsien Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua, & Shao-Lin

LIU YUN-CHIAO: (The Taiwan Wu-Tang School Founder) Pa-Chi, P'I Kua, Chen Tai-Chi, Pa-Kua, Tang-Lang Chief Teachers: Li Shu-Wen Pa-Chi P¹I Kua; Yin-Fu & Kung Pao-Tirn Pa-Kua; Ting Tzu-Ch¹ing Liu-Ho Tang Lang

MENG CHAO-HSUN: (The Quickest Hand in Taiwan) Pei-Yuan Tung-Pei (White Ape Tung-Pei), Shao-Lin He-Hu (Black Tiger)

PAN WEN-TOU: (The Iron guard¹s Chief Instructor) Pa-Chi, Combat Kuai-Chiao, Chin-Na, Shuai-Chiao Chief Teachers: Ping Ching-I, Ma-Liang Shuai-Chiao

SUN CHAO-TANG: The Only Sun-Ping Grand-Master in Taiwan, Cha-Chuan - The secret Cha System, Shao-Lin He-Hu (Black Tiger), Sun-Ping Chief Teachers: Yang Ting-Tung Sun-Ping (The Art of Strategy)

TUNG CHIN-LUNG: Grand-Master of Ho-Chuan (Crane System), Jou-Chuan (The Internal Southern Style)

WANG FENG-TING: # 1 Strongman in Taiwan, Wang's Family Kung-Li system, Northern Tai-Tsu system Chief Teachers: Tung Chung-I Shuai-Chiao

Instructor Classes

This is the most direct way to study. Master Lin's classes are are all small and semi-private. Only serious students are accepted. All people wishing to become advanced students must have an interview with Master Lin. The cost is $600/4-months. Arts are similar to Physics in that there are basic theories that underpin all others. In Natural Chinese Martial Arts, the chief theories are central and the separate systems are secondary. However, each system is taught in its COMPLETE form.

There are three levels of study:

  • Complete System: This level is for students who want to learn the complete system of Natural Chinese Martial Arts.
  • Single System: This is for students who wish to focus on one system. Each system contains Taoist Philosophy and Chin-Chiao Each system usually takes two years. After one system has been learned, the others are much easier to understand and usually take one year each to learn.
  • Tai-Chi & Taoist Longevity: This is for students who have little interest in martial arts but wants to benefit from Taoist theories of following nature and cultivating energy.
  • Section Study

    Each system consists of 6 sections. It takes an average of two years to learn the basics of each system and achieve a 1st degree Black Belt. During the course of regular, weekly study, all the skills are developed. However, each section can be studied via intense private or seminar study. Each section costs $600. Each student progresses according to their abilities. Special study arrangements are available - call for more information.

    Single Form Study

    Master Lin knows the Master (chief) Short & Long Form of many systems. Each one is a treasure and is valuable in and of itself. For some students, there is only an interest in learning one or two of these forms. In each of these forms reside core theories from Shuai-Chiao, Taoist Tung-Pei, and Wu-Tang Sword. Each form is taught along with its major self-defense techniques. Each Short Form, which contains the essence of its system, is $300 which includes a video tape of the training session so the student can review and refine what they learned. Study of the Master Long Form is by special arrangement only.


    Those who just want to participate in seminars or learn without stopping their other study, are openly welcomed. Students and teachers from other schools, who want to expand and refine their learning, through Master Lin's teaching, without joining full-time, will be taught as openly. Natural Chinese Martial Arts can help students and teachers enhance the techniques, of any martial art system, by providing a new perspective. This is the true Taoist way and Master Lin's specialty.